In the medieval realm of Draconia...

  • Update: 21/08/2023

In the medieval realm of Draconia, where dragons soared through the skies and kingdoms thrived, the principles of ITIL4 found their way into the management of various aspects of the realm. Three key practices, Capacity Management, Availability Management, and Continuity Management, played vital roles in ensuring the smooth functioning of Draconia's infrastructure and the safety of its inhabitants.

Capacity Management in Draconia was akin to the careful planning and allocation of resources. Just as the kingdom's blacksmiths forged weapons and armor, the capacity managers assessed the needs of the realm. They analyzed the population growth, the number of dragons, and the demands of the various sectors within Draconia. By understanding the requirements, they ensured that the kingdom had enough resources to meet the needs of its people and dragons. They also anticipated future demands, allowing the kingdom to scale its resources accordingly.

Availability Management, on the other hand, focused on the reliability and accessibility of essential services. In Draconia, this meant ensuring that the dragon riders had access to their loyal companions whenever they needed them. Availability managers worked closely with the dragon trainers, ensuring that the dragons were well-fed, healthy, and ready for battle. They also maintained the dragon stables, ensuring that they were secure and equipped with the necessary supplies. By minimizing downtime and ensuring the availability of dragons, the kingdom could respond swiftly to threats and protect its people.

Continuity Management in Draconia was the practice of preparing for and recovering from potential disasters. Dragons were not invincible, and the kingdom recognized the need to have contingency plans in place. Continuity managers identified potential risks, such as dragon illnesses, natural disasters, or enemy attacks, and devised strategies to mitigate them. They established backup plans, trained additional dragon riders, and stockpiled essential resources. In times of crisis, continuity managers coordinated the response efforts, ensuring that the kingdom could recover swiftly and continue functioning despite the challenges it faced.

While dragons soared through the skies and knights defended the realm, the principles of ITIL4 guided the management of Draconia. Capacity Management ensured that resources were allocated wisely, Availability Management ensured the accessibility of dragons, and Continuity Management prepared the kingdom for unforeseen events. Through the application of these practices, Draconia thrived, and its people lived in harmony with the majestic dragons that roamed its lands.



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