ITIL4's animals farm

  • Update: 10/09/2023

Once upon a time, on a farm called ITIL4, the animals lived under the rule of the oppressive Farmer Jones. The animals, tired of their mistreatment and longing for a better life, decided to rebel against their human overlord.

Led by the visionary pig, Old Major, the animals gathered in the barn one night to discuss their grievances. Old Major spoke passionately about the need for change and introduced the principles of ITIL4, a framework that would guide them towards a more efficient and effective farm.

Inspired by Old Major's words, the animals formed a committee called the "Service Management Office" (SMO) to implement ITIL4 practices on the farm. The SMO consisted of the wisest and most dedicated animals, including Snowball the pig, Boxer the horse, and Benjamin the donkey.

Snowball, a natural leader, took charge of the SMO and began educating the other animals about ITIL4's core concepts. He explained the importance of service management, Incident Management, and Problem Management. Snowball emphasized the need for a Service Catalog, where all the farm's services would be documented and managed.

Boxer, known for his strength and dedication, became the champion of change enablement. He tirelessly worked to ensure that any changes made on the farm were properly assessed, authorized, and implemented. Boxer believed that by following ITIL4's change enablement practices, the farm would become more stable and resilient.

Benjamin, the wise and skeptical donkey, took on the role of knowledge manager. He understood the value of capturing and sharing knowledge to improve the farm's operations. Benjamin encouraged the animals to document their experiences, lessons learned, and best practices, creating a knowledge base that would benefit future generations.

As time went on, the animals faced challenges and setbacks. Farmer Jones, desperate to regain control, tried to sabotage their efforts. But the animals, united by their belief in ITIL4, remained resilient and determined.

With the SMO's guidance, the farm gradually transformed. Service levels improved, incidents were resolved more efficiently, and problems were addressed proactively. The animals experienced the benefits of ITIL4 firsthand, as their work became more streamlined and their lives more fulfilling.

However, as the farm prospered, Snowball and Napoleon, another ambitious pig, began to clash over the future direction of ITIL4 on the farm. Their disagreements escalated into a power struggle, dividing the animals and threatening the unity they had once enjoyed.

In the end, Napoleon seized control, driving Snowball away and distorting the principles of ITIL4 to suit his own agenda. The farm, once a symbol of hope and progress, fell into disarray.

The animals, disillusioned but not defeated, realized that ITIL4 was not to blame for their troubles. It was the corruption and greed of those in power that had led to their downfall. They vowed to continue their pursuit of ITIL4's ideals, hoping that one day, the true spirit of service management would be restored on the farm.

And so, the animals of ITIL4 carried on, their journey a testament to the enduring power of ITIL4 and the importance of staying true to its principles, even in the face of adversity.

Author: ITIL4 Master - Claudio Restaino



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