Exciting news for all aspiring PRINCE2 certified professionals! We have recently updated our simulator to the latest version 7. Now, with over 800 questions and answers, you’ll have everything you

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Project management is a rapidly evolving field, and having a certification can give you an edge over your counterparts. Here are the top 10 project management certifications for 2024, including information

I'd like to share a unique concept today about using PRINCE2, popularly known as a project management method, in a completely different realm: Dieting! Surprising, isn't it?

After much consideration and analysis, I've come to the conclusion that the Agile Scrum framework, as we know it, is coming to an end.

Are you looking to plan a well-organized and successful winter holiday? Look no further than the PRINCE2 methodology to help you achieve your goal. PRINCE2 (Projects

  1. Agile Scrum is just a fad, like parachute pants or pet rocks. Who needs

Chapter 1: The Arrival at the Abbey
In this chapter, we introduce our protagonist, William of Baskerville, a seasoned project manager, as he arrives

I wanted to share a light-hearted yet insightful way to apply professional project management principles to everyday life, specifically, family management. As a parent of two,

Project management has become an increasingly important discipline, and there are a few well-known approaches and methodologies. Two of the most popular ones are PRINCE2 and

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