1. Agile Scrum is just a fad, like parachute pants or pet rocks. Who needs

Chapter 1: The Arrival at the Abbey
In this chapter, we introduce our protagonist, William of Baskerville, a seasoned project manager, as he arrives

I wanted to share a light-hearted yet insightful way to apply professional project management principles to everyday life, specifically, family management. As a parent of two,

Project management has become an increasingly important discipline, and there are a few well-known approaches and methodologies. Two of the most popular ones are PRINCE2 and

Integrating PM2 Project Management Methodology with ITIL: A Powerful Synergy for IT Service Success

The world of IT is constantly evolving,

Are you considering a project management certification but not sure which one to choose? ? Here's a comparison of three popular certifications: 

PM² is a project management lightweight methodology that has only a few rules and practices, or only ones that are easy to follow. In

What are the potential benefits of adopting Agile methods in projects and programmes?

Agility gives organizations the ability to prioritize strategically:

In all my years as a programme manager, I’ve never experienced anything as transformative in project and programme management as I have during the Covid-19

As a project manager in a medium-sized, software development-focused company, I follow a process for the projects I’m responsible for.
However, with larger projects,



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