Privacy Foundation based on NIST

The NIST Privacy Foundation course is designed to equip professionals with the essential knowledge and practical skills needed to navigate the complex landscape of information privacy. This course leverages the NIST Privacy Framework to help organizations manage privacy risks while designing or deploying innovative products and services.

  • Virtual, In-house, Blended
  • 16 h (2 days)
  • Paper, Online Proctored

Course Description


  1. Understand the NIST Privacy Framework: Gain a comprehensive understanding of the NIST Privacy Framework's structure, including its core functions, categories, and subcategories.
  2. Privacy Risk Management: Learn how to assess, identify, and manage privacy risks effectively within your organization, focusing on processes that enhance decision-making.
  3. Implement Privacy Controls:Discover how to implement and maintain privacy controls tailored to mitigate identified privacy risks and comply with applicable privacy regulations.
  4. Promote a Culture of Privacy: Understand strategies to foster a culture of privacy within your organization that emphasizes ethical data use, protection, and transparency.
  5. Compliance and Beyond: Explore how to go beyond merely complying with legal requirements by building trust with customers and stakeholders through exemplary privacy practices.

Who it is addressed to

The NIST Privacy Foundation course is suited for a wide range of professionals, including but not limited to:

  • Privacy and Security Professionals: Those responsible for implementing privacy and security policies within an organization.

  • Compliance Officers: Individuals in charge of ensuring that the organization complies with local, national, and international privacy laws.
    IT Professionals: Those who work with the technical aspects of data collection, storage, and processing and need to understand how to do so privately.

  • Risk Management Professionals: Professionals focused on identifying and mitigating risks associated with data privacy and protection.

  • Legal Professionals: Lawyers and legal advisors who need to understand the implications of privacy laws and regulations on technology and business practices. 

Contents of the NIST Privacy Foundation course

  • Introduction to the NIST Privacy Framework

  • Identify-Predict-Assess-Respond (IPAR) Approach

  • Core Functions of the Privacy Framework

  • Privacy Risk Assessment and Management

  • Implementing Privacy Controls

  • Culture, Ethics, and Privacy

  • Case Studies and Best Practices

  • Regulations and Compliance


BITIL.COM lecturers are accredited (Accredited Trainer) by the international training body to teach and supervise exams; specialists in Information Security, they are professionals with many years of experience in best practice adoption projects in medium and large Organization, able to transfer a software vendor-independent and totally business-oriented implementation approach.

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