ITIL® 4 Drive Stakeholder Value

It empowers candidates and organisations to deliver exceptional value by focusing on the conversion of demand into tangible benefits through IT-enabled services. By facilitating effective stakeholder management, digital professionals are better able to target stakeholders with the right service offerings and value propositions, distinguishing themselves and their organisations within a competitive and demanding environment.

  • Delivery: Virtual, In-house, Blended
  • Duration: 16 h (2 days)
  • Exam: Online Proctored

Course Description


All our courses have a strong practical component. The theoretical part is constantly complemented by simulations on real IT problems.

The module touches further upon the customer journey, allowing candidates to shape customer demand, manage relationships and optimise the customer experience. It will also enable candidates to increase stakeholder satisfaction by co-creating value and developing mutually agreed requirements, providing the necessary tools to foster an advantageous culture of collaboration and transparency and can contribute to:

  • Improve the quality of IT services offered
  • Reduce IT operating costs
  • Apply the basic concepts of organizational models
  • Acquire the terminology
  • The structure of the organizational model
  • Offer more reliable support
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Achieve greater flexibility
  • Define more clearly the opportunities IT offers to increase business

At the end of each section of the course, there will be a hands-on exercise to fix the concepts just explained and become familiar with the exam questions.

This course leads to the ITIL 4 DSV certification exam session, the passing of which provides an advanced-level professional qualification in IT Service Management and allows you to continue on to more advanced courses (ITIL Managing Professional).

Who it is addressed to

  • The ITIL® 4 Specialist Drive Stakeholder Value module drives IT professionals to further interact with their stakeholders and influence and improve the user experience across a much wider framework. This unique module is designed to enhance the careers of digitally experienced candidates, by expanding their knowledge and boosting their existing skillsets in an increasingly digital service economy.

Contents of the ITIL Drive Stakeholder Value course

The customer journey

  • Stakeholder aspirations
  • Touchpoints and service interactions
  • Mapping the customer journey 
  • Designing the customer journey 
  • Measuring and improving the customer journey 

Step 1: Explore

  • Understanding service consumers and their needs 
  • Understanding service providers and their offers 
  • Understanding markets 
  • Targeting markets 

Step 2: Engage

  • Communicating and collaborating
  • Understanding service relationship types
  • Building service relationships 
  • Managing suppliers and partners 

Step 3: Offer 

  • Managing demand and opportunities 
  • Specifying and managing customer requirements 
  • Designing service offerings and user experience 
  • Selling and obtaining service offerings 

Step 4: Agree

  • Agreeing and planning value co-creation
  • Negotiating and agreeing a service  

Step 5: Onboard 

  • Planning onboarding 
  • Relating to users and fostering relationships 
  • Providing user engagement and delivery channels 
  • Enabling users for services 
  • Elevating mutual capabilities 
  • Offboarding customers and users

Step 6: Co-create 

  • Fostering a service mindset 
  • Ongoing service interactions 
  • Nurturing user communities 

Step 7: Realize 

  • Realizing service value in different settings
  • Tracking value realization 
  • Assessing and reporting value realization 
  • Evaluating value realization and improving customer journeys 
  • Realizing value for the service provider


BITIL.COM lecturers are accredited (Accredited Trainer) by the international training body to teach and supervise exams; specialists in IT Service Management, they are professionals with many years of experience in ITIL best practice adoption projects in medium and large IT Directorates, able to transfer a software vendor-independent and totally business-oriented implementation approach.

This ITIL® course is offered by BITIL.COM ATO of AXELOS Limited.

Registered Trademarks. ITIL® is a registered trademark of AXELOS Limited, the use of which is permitted only with the permission of AXELOS Limited. All rights reserved.

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