ITIL® 4 Strategist Direct Plan and Improve Live Online Training, this is the universal module, that is a key component of both, ITIL 4 Managing Professional and ITIL 4 Strategic Leader streams. The module covers the influence and impact of Agile and Lean ways of working, and how they can be leveraged to an organization's advantage.

  • Delivery: Virtual, In-house, Blended
  • Duration: 16 h (2 days)
  • Exam: Online Proctored

Course Description


All our courses have a strong practical component. The theoretical part is constantly complemented by simulations on real IT problems.

It will provide practitioners with a practical and strategic method for planning and delivering continual improvement with necessary agility and can contribute to:

  • Improve the quality of IT services offered
  • Reduce IT operating costs
  • Apply the basic concepts of organizational models
  • Acquire the terminology
  • The structure of the organizational model
  • Offer more reliable support
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Achieve greater flexibility
  • Define more clearly the opportunities IT offers to increase business

At the end of each section of the course, there will be a hands-on exercise to fix the concepts just explained and become familiar with the exam questions.

This course leads to the ITIL 4 DPI certification exam session, the passing of which provides an advanced-level professional qualification in IT Service Management and allows you to continue on to more advanced courses (ITIL Managing Professional, ITIL Strategic Leader).

Who it is addressed to

  • It is aimed at managers of all levels involved in shaping direction and strategy or developing a continually improving team. It provides individuals with the practical skills necessary to create a 'learning and improving' IT organization, with a strong and effective strategic direction.

Contents of the ITIL Direct Plan and Improve course


  • Why direction, planning, and improvement matter 
  • Direction 
  • Planning 
  • Improvement 
  • The role of measurement and reporting 
  • Direction, planning, and improvement of the ITIL SVS 
  • Applying the guiding principles 
  • Value, outcomes, costs, and risks in direct, plan, and improve 
  • Direction, planning, and improvement for everyone 

Strategy and direction

  • Strategy management
  • Defining the structures and methods used to direct behaviours and make decisions 
  • The role of risk management in direction, planning, and improvement 
  • Portfolio management: a key decision-making practice 
  • Direction via governance, risk, and compliance 

Assessment and planning

  • Basics of assessment
  • Basics of planning 
  • Introduction to value stream mapping

Measurement and reporting

  • Basics of measurement and reporting 
  • Types of measurements 
  • Measurement and the four dimensions 
  • Measurement of products and services 

Continual improvement

  • Creating a continual improvement culture 
  • Continual improvement of the service value chain and practices 
  • Continual improvement in organizations 
  • The continual improvement model 
  • Using measurement and reporting in continual improvement 

Communication and organizational change management

  • Basics of effective communication 
  • Identifying and communicating with stakeholders 
  • Basics of OCM 

Developing a service value system 

  • Adopting the guiding principles 
  • Centre of excellence for service management 
  • The four dimensions of service management in the SVS

Bringing it together

  • Modern leadership 
  • Using the guiding principles for direction, planning, and improvement


BITIL.COM lecturers are accredited (Accredited Trainer) by the international training body to teach and supervise exams; specialists in IT Service Management, they are professionals with many years of experience in ITIL best practice adoption projects in medium and large IT Directorates, able to transfer a software vendor-independent and totally business-oriented implementation approach.

This ITIL® course is offered by BITIL.COM ATO of AXELOS Limited.

Registered Trademarks. ITIL® is a registered trademark of AXELOS Limited, the use of which is permitted only with the permission of AXELOS Limited. All rights reserved.



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