PRINCE2 Agile® Foundation

PRINCE2 Agile Foundation is a certification level developed to support PRINCE2 Agile. In 2015, PRINCE2 Agile initially launched with a Practitioner level certification and this new Foundation level will build on that success by opening up PRINCE2 Agile to project managers outside the existing PRINCE2 community.

  • Delivery: Virtual, In-house, Blended
  • Duration: 20 h (2,5 days)
  • Exam: Online Proctored

Course Description


PRINCE2™ Agile is the world's most comprehensive project management solution, combining the flexibility and responsiveness of agile with the clearly defined framework of PRINCE2®. New best practice guidelines show how this compatibility can be leveraged by organizations that leverage both PRINCE2 and agile, equipping them with the skills and processes needed to deliver projects that meet customer needs in today's fast-changing, modern workplace of today:

  • The combination of control and flexibility
  • Clear project definitions
  • Seamless integration
  • Improved ability to react and adapt

All our courses have a strong practical component. The theoretical part is constantly complemented by simulations on real project problems. At the end of each section of the course, there will be a hands-on exercise to fix the concepts just explained and become familiar with the exam questions.

This course leads to the PRINCE2 Agile Foundation certification exam session, the passing of which provides an entry-level professional qualification in Project Management and allows you to continue on to more advanced courses (PRINCE2 Agile Practitioner).

Who it is addressed to

  • PRINCE2 Agile Foundation was developed for anyone delivering projects, large or small, in an agile context. It is a valuable training and certification program for anyone working in an agile project environment, whether they are a project manager, project support, or part of the larger project team.

Contents of the PRINCE2 Agile Foundation course

Part 1

  • Overview of PRINCE2
  • PRINCE2 Principles
  • PRINCE2 Processes and Themes
  • PRINCE2 Management Products
  • PRINCE2 Journey with Agile
  • An Introduction to Agile
  • Agile Manifesto
  • Waterfall vs Agile
  • Agile basics and frameworks
  • Agile behaviours, concepts and techniques
  • Blending PRINCE2 and Agile
  • What PRINCE2 Agile comprises of
  • Eight PRINCE2 Agile Guidance Points
  • What to fix, and what to flex
  • Performance targets and tolerance
  • The “Hexagon”
  • The five targets

Part 2

  • Agile Behaviors and the PRINCE2 Principles
  • Applying PRINCE2 principles
  • PRINCE2 Agile behaviors
  • Agile and the PRINCE2 Themes
  • Tailoring the PRINCE2 Themes
  • Tracking progress with burn charts
  • Agile and the PRINCE2 Processes
  • Relating agile processes to PRINCE2 processes
  • Tailoring starting up a project and initiating a project
  • Tailoring controlling a stage and managing product delivery processes
  • Scrum overview and Lean Startups
  • Tailoring managing a stage boundary process
  • Tailoring closing a project process
  • Tailoring directing a project

Part 3

  • Focus Areas
  • agilometer
  • Requirements
  • Rich communication
  • Workshops
  • Frequent releases


BITIL.COM lecturers are accredited (Accredited Trainer) by the international training body to teach and supervise exams; specialists in Project Management, they are professionals with many years of experience in PRINCE2 and AGILE adoption projects in medium and large Organization, able to transfer a vendor-independent and totally business-oriented implementation approach.

This PRINCE2® Agile course is offered by BITIL.COM ATO of AXELOS Limited.

Registered Trademarks. PRINCE2 Agile® is a registered trademark of AXELOS Limited, the use of which is permitted only with the permission of AXELOS Limited. All rights reserved.

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