Understanding ITIL4 courses through an automobile analogy!

  • Update: 24/12/2023

In the world of IT service management, ITIL4 offers a range of courses, each playing a crucial role in the overall framework, much like the components of a car. Let's explore this analogy:

ITIL4 Foundation - The chassis of the car. It forms the fundamental structure and support for the entire vehicle, just as ITIL4 Foundation provides the fundamental knowledge and understanding of IT service management practices, forming the basis for further ITIL4 courses and practices.

ITIL4 CDS (Create, Deliver, and Support) - The engine of a car. It powers the entire vehicle, just as ITIL4 CDS drives the creation, delivery, and support of IT services.

ITIL4 HVIT (High-Velocity IT) - The turbocharger. It enhances the speed and efficiency of the car, just as ITIL4 HVIT accelerates the delivery and management of IT services in a fast-paced environment.

ITIL4 DPI (Direct, Plan, and Improve) - The dashboard of a car. It provides essential insights and controls, much like how ITIL4 DPI helps in directing, planning, and improving IT services.

ITIL4 DITS (Digital and IT Strategy) - The GPS navigation system. It provides the strategic direction and guidance for the journey, much like how ITIL4 DITS offers the strategic framework for digital and IT strategies, ensuring organizations are on the right path towards their goals.

ITIL4 DSV (Drive Stakeholder Value) - The steering wheel. It guides the direction and value delivery, similar to how ITIL4 DSV focuses on driving stakeholder value through IT services.

Understanding ITIL4 courses through this analogy can provide a clearer perspective on their roles and importance within the IT service management landscape. Which ITIL4 course resonates with you the most? #ITIL4 #ITServiceManagement #Analogy".

Author: ExamSimul | Claudio Restaino

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